SEJ Clergywomen's Conference

Uncharted Leadership Conference 2019:
Adventuring the Wilderness with God

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What happens when UMC Clergywomen from the Southeastern Jurisdiction gather to discuss adventures in ministry through the uncharted wilderness?
They become strengthened in God!

uncharted [uhn-chahr-tid] - adj.
not shown or located on a map; unexplored; unknown



Ministry is beautiful, challenging, rewarding, and frustrating. Where we end up is often not where we first sought out to be; sometimes that turns out beautifully and sometimes…it doesn’t feel so beautiful.

The theme “Uncharted” was chosen with great intentionality for this year’s Southeast Jurisdiction’s Clergywomen Conference. Everyday ministry in general seems uncharted - moving from appointment to appointment, being a pastor to people vastly different from ourselves, being a clergywoman in a male-dominated field (and churches that have strong opinions about this), and the list goes on.

All of this on top of the uncertainty that lies beyond General Conference and a denomination that proved itself with the vote percentages to be very divided.

There is much uncertainty ahead, but we hope to provide a safe space for the clergywomen of the SEJ to find rest, sisterhood, resources, and reassurance in the God who never leaves us, but rather adventures the wilderness with us.



  • Date: November 18-21, 2019

  • Location: Hyatt Regency Hotel
    225 E Coastline Drive
    Jacksonville, FL 32202

  • Cost: $199 (May 1 - Sept. 15)
    $225 (Sept. 16 - Nov. 17)
    $250 (At the door)